PMSLAPS and Satellite Art Show

PMSLAPS is proud to apply for exhibition at Satellite Art Show in NYC this June of 2024

These 3 images represent the ingredients for our installation.  1. Tiny house to be covered in paste ups.  2. Miniature Skyscrapers for tagging with stickers  3.  Wheat Paste Examples for scale and size.

Tiny House

Here is a n exmaple of the final creation, but covered with pasteups. This tiny house will be made mainly of cardboard to make application a breeze. (note: this is not the actual structure will be build, smaller approx 8x10' with slanted roof line

Sky Scraper

Here is a n example of the 2 towers that will ne on tables inside the house, but covered with stickers, that will be provided for guest to create.

Tiny House

Here is an example of the size and scale of some of the images that will be pasted all over the structure, inside out and on top.

Satellite Art Show Experience

Similar to the huts, tents and structures that I experienced in Miami, this exhibit will be user friendly and inviting and allowing participation from all the attendees. Our team will be hyper focused to interact and encourage guests to get sticky with us.