Introducing the PMSLAPS team

  • RoboQ4, Sticker Artist

    I created PMSLAPS to fill the gap between doom scrolling and page flipping, We all love reading and collecting. Our Non Profit's goal is to promote creative expression in the streets. We do this by raising funds to deliver right back to you in the form of Priority Mag, your free gift for donating to our cause.

  • 666Cat, Branding and Design

    The creator of Hell Mart 666, lends their time to create hellishly beautiful designs for the zine, stickers and website.

  • PR Director

    Our PR and Social Media Director does the real hard work of posting and re posting all of our content, news and happenings. @pmslaps

  • FUCKAFUCKINJOB, Foreign Correspondent

    FAFJ will conduct interviews with our comrades across the pond and around the world. FAFJ's foreign language skills will bring even more interviews to our issues.

  • PHIL, Photographer

    As contributing photgrapher, Phil's duties encompass documenting graffiti pier and street art in and around Philly and NYC.